Allyson Ames®
The Allyson Ames® lifestyle brand started as a young girl’s dream of baking and developed into a multi-million dollar brand. Today the ‘real Allyson’ has created a lifestyle brand with a youthful appeal that extends beyond baking and sweets.

Allyson Ames® brand embodies Allyson’s ‘sweet point of view’ and vision to make every day a celebration, with an enchantingly delicious array of products that have a sweet and whimsical edge which include: fashion, clothing, accessories, bake ware and entertainment properties.
Allyson Ames® was named one of the top 10 personal brands of 2012 in Entrepreneur Magazine and was accompanied by such icons as Martha Stewart. Allyson’s warm and charming perspective is young, hip, fun and relates to a youthful generation that is creating their place in the world. Allyson shares her unique perspective on fashion, trends, recipes, decorating and entertaining to make each day a delicious adventure.

Allyson Ames® opportunities include: Priority Licensing; Joint Venture and Master Agreements; Media and Entertainment Development and Retail Expansion on a National and International level .