Bake Memories at Home®
Bake Memories at Home® brand combines enchantingly delicious and whimsically fun products centered on baking, modern family values and a creative lifestyle.

Bake Memories at Home® collection of products evolved as Allyson continues to think “inside the box”– inside the cupcake, cookie and brownie box. Her tried and true favorite desserts are now whimsically packaged to bake and decorate at home.

Some of Allyson’s best memories of growing up include baking with her Mom to create desserts for family and friends. Now families can create indulgent homemade desserts with the Bake Memories at Home® collection of products where everyone gets to be the artist and it’s great fun for everyone.
Whether a child is young enough to be content licking batter from a spoon or old enough to measure ingredients, baking is not only a great way to bond with children, it’s also a way to develop math and verbal skills, improve confidence, create memorable family traditions and encourage creativity for all ages.

Bake Memories at Home® opportunities include: Priority Licensing; Joint Venture and Master Agreements; Media and Entertainment Development and Retail Expansion on a National and International level .