Sweetacular® brand combines enchantingly delicious and whimsically fun products centered on a sweet creative lifestyle with a youthful appeal.

The authentic kids’ and family brand targeting the fun experience of baking was founded by Chef Allyson Ames has launched an exciting new brand that is sure to quickly become a nationwide favorite.

Allyson’s inspiration for the Sweetacular® brand was to create a lasting memory of edible and everyday products that would embody a spectacularly sweet experience.

Sweetacular® products include:
1. Ready to Bake & Gourmet Packaged Bakery Products created for the Hospitality/Restaurant Industry.

Nationwide Chains and regional specialty stores to brand and distribute within their bakery department or to add to their menu selection.

2. Ready to Bake Memories at Home® Kits Complete pre-packaged products for
wholesale distribution. Kits include: dry ingredients, sprinkles, papers and whimsical themed kits for year round, seasonal and special occasion celebrations.

3. Bakery, Cooking Utensils, Appliances, House wares.

4. Fully Integrated Lifestyle Products with a youthful appeal.

Sweetacular® products extend beyond baking and include clothing, household gifts, toys, books, personal care, jewelry, accessories and entertainment properties.

Sweetacular® opportunities include: Priority Licensing; Joint Venture and Master Agreements; Media and Entertainment Development Opportunities; Retail Expansion on a National and International level.

Bake Shop Collection
By Allyson Ames