Wonderland Bakery®
The authentic kids’ and family brand targeting the fun experience of baking was founded by Chef Allyson Ames. Retail locations, in-store kiosks and 3rd party vendors offer a menu of delicious desserts, confections, gifts and branded products help to make celebrations, parties and every day an enchanting experience for the ‘young, young at heart and anyone with a sweet tooth’.

The sweet and enchanting story started in 2005, when Allyson founded Wonderland Bakery®. From the original store in Newport Beach, California, Wonderland’s deeply loyal following, fantastical design, high quality sweet treats, branded whimsical products, bake sets and toys have culminated in establishing Wonderland Bakery® as a powerful kids’ and family centered brand with a nationwide customer base.

Wonderland Bakery® brand embodies Allyson’s ‘sweet point of view’ and vision to make every day a celebration, with an enchantingly delicious array of products that have a sweet and whimsical edge which include: fashion, clothing, accessories, bake ware and entertainment properties.

Wonderland Bakery® products have become a favorite and a must have for consumers nationwide.

Wonderland Bakery® opportunities include: Priority Licensing; Joint Venture and Master Agreements; Media and Entertainment Development and Retail Expansion on a National and International level.