The new and exciting Wonderlicious® brand created by chef Allyson Ames, incorporates her authentic kids’ and family experience with a modern, youthful twist.

Wonderlicious® brand combines enchantingly delicious and whimsically fun products that include; baking, clothing, household gifts, toys, books, personal care, jewelry, accessories and entertainment properties. Watch for a line of Wonderlicious® pet treats to bake, decorate at home too!

Wonderlicious® products include:
1. Ready to Bake & Gourmet Premium Bakery Products Created for the Hospitality/Restaurant Industry, Nationwide Chains and regional specialty stores to brand and distribute within their bakery department or to add to their menu selection.
2. Ready to Bake Memories at Home® Kits Complete pre-packaged products for wholesale distribution. Kits include: dry ingredients, sprinkles, papers and whimsical themed kits for year-round, seasonal and special occasion celebrations.

3. Bakery, Cooking Utensils, Appliances, House wares

4. Fully Integrated Lifestyle Products with a Youthful Appeal

Wonderlicious® brand embodies Allyson’s vision to make every day a celebration which is the hallmark of the brand for the “young, young at heart and anyone with a sweet tooth.”

Wonderlicious® opportunities include: Priority Licensing; Joint Venture and Master Agreements; Media and Entertainment Development Opportunities; Retail Expansion on a National and International level .