Founder - Allyson Ames
Few people get to pursue their childhood passions; however, Allyson Ames has brought a little girl’s dream to life. In creating Wonderland Bakery®Allyson has managed to turn what might have remained a youthful fantasy into a delicious reality, much to the delight of anyone with a sweet tooth.

A cooking and baking prodigy, Allyson was named the Best Young Chef in America at age 17. Now at age 25, Ms. Ames is a sizzling young entrepreneur managing over a dozen brands that have earned an ever- increasing list of fans, including dignitaries, professional athletes, celebrities, musicians and of course children and families throughout the country.

Her baked goods, which have been sampled at the Emmys, Grammys, inauguration events and even the White House have earned her countless accolades including:

The View’s Best Gingerbread Cookie, Major League Baseball Official Cookie and the Official Bakery of Newport Beach, California. Her savvy business approach has earned her just as many – California Business of the Year, Variety Magazine’s Power of Youth , CNBC - Young Millionaire Series, Modern Baking Magazine’s Leadership Award, Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 10 personal brands accompanied with such icons as Martha Stewart, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Entrepreneur to Watch and Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women.

With the success of Wonderland Bakery® and the many years behind the creation of Allyson’s initial concept store, Wonderland Lifestyle Brands is positioned to deliver the ultimate lifestyle experience.